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@media only screen and (min-width: 1000px) and (max-width: 5000px){body.kc-css-system .kc-css-367692{width: 33.33%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-660545{width: 33.33%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-480935{width: 33.33%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-424718{width: 50%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-330613{width: 50%;}}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-540146{text-align: center;}We have the following Sea-Doos, jet skis & WaveRunners to rent, subject to availability. We are located in Prince Edward County Between Toronto and Montreal.  The Sea Doo's are in the water fueled up and ready to go Click here to make a reservation. Each

New Water Park New Water Park Coming this year to West Lake.  We are adding tons more inflatable water toys.  West Lake Willy Waterpark is adding a new track system interconnecting 500 ft of floating fun.  There will be new giant slides, obsticicles and tall climbing towers.  These new toys will be in addition to our giant single water toys that we have now.  The addition

West Lake Watersports Kids Camp is filling up fast this year

Now Hiring Lifeguards West Lake Watersports is Now Hiring Lifeguards to join us on the beach this summer.  We are looking for energetic, outgoing and water orientated individuals.  The positions needed to be filled are Lifeguarding and working in the booth taking sales.  Applicants must be able to deal with customers and perform general work on the beach sending out boats, jet skis.  West Lake Watersports

ARIEL PICTURE OF THE SUMMER LAUGHLIN PROPERTY Toutes nos locations de chalets sont à 5 minutes du parc provincial Sandbanks. En outre, deux de nos cottages de Sandbanks sont situés sur une plage de sable privée. Réservez vos vacances Sandbanks avec nous et séjournez dans l'une de nos quatre locations de vacances à Sandbanks Cottage dans le comté de Prince Edward !! Nous offrons ce qu'il


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