Our Booking Cancellation Policy

Very Important Must Read and Agree To This Policy Before Booking

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation to check in and receive proper instructions and guidelines. If you are late for your Pontoon Boat or Jet Ski Rental Appointment the Equipment must be still returned on time or the overage will be taken from the deposit. Please note a 1000.00 security/safety deposit is needed before you leave on a boat or jet ski. When renting a pontoon boat please bring garbage bags for your waste WE USE A PACK IN PACK OUT SYSTEM which means you have to take all of your garbage with you.  If our cameras see you depositing your garbage on the ground you will be charged 75 from your security deposit and a possible littering fine!

72 Hour strict Cancellation Policy in effect! Which means no excuses such as family emergency, lightning, tornado, traffic, doctors note etc. You cannot move, change or reschedule your booking after the 72hr cancellation policy comes into effect.  Please check the weather prior to the 72 Hour Cancellation policy and make sure you are satisfied with all the weather conditions. No refunds for no shows late arrivals or any excuse. If you book within the 72hr cancellation policy there will be no refunds or switching the booking. If you wish to cancel before the 72hr please do it via email (reply to your invoice). You are responsible for booking the right date and time. If you need to cancel your booking before the 72 hr there will be a 15 dollar cancellation fee. For Pontoon Boat Rentals Due to the amount of people, Maintenance and scheduling we reserve the right to switch boats if needed for your convenience. We reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time.

No cash value. No Refunds.

Have a great day at West Lake Watersports.


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