Things To Do PEC

Things To Do PEC

Things To Do PEC:  Hey friends, I wanted to share my recent experience exploring the lush vineyards and stunning wineries in Prince Edward County!  I never knew how much beauty and magic this region could hold until I tasted some of the most exceptional wine. Every sip brought me closer to nature, and every moment was filled with splendor that I could hardly contain.

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The locals here were incredibly welcoming and passionate about their craft. They shared with us the stories behind every bottle, the history of the wineries, and the features of the soil that made each grape so special. I felt like I had discovered a new world of flavours and aromas that I had never before encountered.

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The cherry on top was the breath-taking scenery that surrounded us every step of the way. From the rolling hills and sparkling lakes to the charming small towns and colorful orchards, Prince Edward County had it all. I was blown away by the grace and beauty of every inch of land, and it was clear that the winemakers had infused the same love and care into their wine-making process.
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These are just a few of the many fantastic wineries that Prince Edward County has to offer. Each of them offers a unique take on wine-making, and no trip to the county is complete without visiting at least a few of them.


ZIP N SIP Wine Tours can take you to all the best wineries in PEC. Here are some things to do in Prince Edward County:


1. Explore Westlake Watersports:  Westlake Watersports is a must-visit attraction in Prince Edward County. It features Pontoon Boat Rentals, Giant Inflatable Waterpark, Jet ski Rentals, kayak Rentals some of the best Watersports activities in the province of Ontario.


2. Visit local wineries: Prince Edward County is famous for its wineries, so take a wine tour and indulge in the locally-made vintages.  ZIP N SIP Wine Tours will take you in style to your favorite wineries.


3. Shop at local farmers’ markets: Shop for fresh and locally grown fruits, vegetables and artisanal products.


4. Visit local art galleries and studios: Prince Edward County is home to many artists and galleries, offering a diverse range of art, from paintings to sculptures.


5. Explore the Millennium Trail: This scenic trail is perfect for hiking, cycling and ATV riding.


6. Visit the Lake on the Mountain: A geological mystery – this lake is perched high atop a natural green mountain giving visitors spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.


7. Visit the County’s museum and archives: Learn about the history and culture of the County, from the early Settlers to the present day.


8. Take a tour of a cheese factory.  Prince Edward County is also known for artisanal cheese making, so take a tour or sample some of their delicious cheese.


9. Go antique shopping or visit local boutiques.  The County is home to many charming boutiques, antique stores and art galleries, offering a diverse range of unique finds.


10. Attend various County Festivals. Prince Edward County is home to several festivals.   Such as Picton Jazz Festival, Country Jamboree, and TASTE Community Grown. Experience the local culture, food, and music at these events

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Prince Edward County

If you’re looking for an enriching and delightful experience in Ontario, I highly recommend visiting Prince Edward County for a wine tour. It’s an adventure that will bring you closer to nature, community, and yourself in a way that you won’t soon forget. Cheers to life, to nature, and to the magic of wine!
I can provide a list of the top 10 wine tours in Prince Edward County that you might find helpful:
  1. ZIP N SIP Wine Tour: One of the most exciting wine tours in the County- ZIP N SIP Wine Tour is a must-visit on your next wine tour
  2. Lighthall Vineyards: This small and intimate winery is known for its bubbly and charcuterie platters.
  3. Norman Hardie Winery: This winery is famous for its pinot noir and chardonnay – it’s the perfect spot for wine lovers.
  4. Casa Dea Winery: Casa Dea offers a wide range of wines that will appeal to every palette, with an added bonus of being located in a beautiful countryside.
  5. By Chadsey’s Cairns: This winery is unique and historical, being founded over 100 years ago with their cool-climate sparkling wine being famous.
  6. The Grange of Prince Edward Estate Winery: A family-run winery that offers a wide range of wines from pinot noir to chardonnay.
  7. Kinsip House of Fine Spirits: Kinsip produces exceptional spirits and they offer a tasting room where you can enjoy their amazing wines.
  8. Huff Estates Winery: Huff Estates is a stunning winery, offering art in addition to their excellent selection of wines.
  9. Keint-He Winery: This excellent winery offers a peaceful setting and a wide selection of wines.
  10. Sugarbush Vineyards: Sugarbush is known for their tasting room and patio, which offers fantastic views of the surrounding county.
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