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@media only screen and (min-width: 1000px) and (max-width: 5000px){body.kc-css-system .kc-css-367692{width: 33.33%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-660545{width: 33.33%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-480935{width: 33.33%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-424718{width: 50%;}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-330613{width: 50%;}}body.kc-css-system .kc-css-540146{text-align: center;} We have the following Sea-Doos, jet skis & WaveRunners to rent, subject to availability. We are located in Prince Edward County Between Toronto and Montreal.  The Sea Doo's are in the water fueled up and ready to go Click here to make a reservation. Each

New Water Park New Water Park Coming this year to West Lake.  We are adding tons more inflatable water toys.  West Lake Willy Waterpark is adding a new track system interconnecting 500 ft of floating fun.  There will be new giant slides, obsticicles and tall climbing towers.  These new toys will be in addition to our giant single water toys that we have now.  The addition

ONTARIO’S PREMIER WATERCRAFT AND PONTOON BOAT RENTAL AGENCY. WE HAVE BEEN RENTING SEA DOOS, JET SKIS, PONTOON BOATS, KAYAKS, STAND UP PADDLEBOARDS AND WATERPARK FOR 30 YEARS. Westlake Watersports is the best and only Watersports Rental Near Sandbanks – Sea Doo Jet Ski Pontoon Boat Rentals Near Sandbanks Provincial Park. Come try our Kayak and Standup Paddleboard Rentals, Take them to Sandbanks.

5 Free Weeks Giveaway at West Lake Watersports Kids Camp As summer quickly approaches we would like to remind everyone of our 5 FREE weeks giveaway at West Lake Watersports Kids Camp!  You Must LIKE our page Share it and tag 4 people in order to qualify for the giveaway at West Lake Watersports Kids Camp THE MOST EXCITING SUMMER KIDS CAMP IN PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY.


West Lake Watersports Kids Camp The Most Exciting Kids Camp In The Quinte Region. Picton And Belleville Shuttle Service Now Available.

West Lake Kids Camp The Most Exciting Kids Camp In The County   West Lake Watersports Kids Camp is starting to accept Resumes for Camp Councellors Full and Part Time along with CIT inquires for this upcoming Summer!!! Applicants can be from the Belleville, Prince Edward County Area.  Interested parties must have an interest in the child care field. You must be motivated and willing to learn

West Lake Waterpark West Lake Waterpark and Westlake Watersports at Edgewater Campground are getting ready for the summer season with new water toys and equipment. We would like to share with you and thank you for liking our page and supporting us by giving this select group of customers a chance to save some money by signing up for our exclusive coupon e mail list. These

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